Company Background

People who lead Infosystem Technology Co., Ltd. mainly come from IRTI and have the excellent experience on component provider and network communications. The specialty of us has our advantage on marketing selling and even the design and developement of vedio, or any product of communication issues. Infosystem will put most focus of technology issues onto RTOS, TCP/IP stack, Vedio Codec, JAVA application, OS porting and so on. And the targets here are providing a solution and services to get the customer satisfied.


Destination and Target

In this highly changed age, many industries have troubles making profit very well. And how we can create more profits is the goal of each and every industry. Infosystem somehow solve the problem by providing the total solutions and the best services, so that both Infosystem and the customer enjoy the win-win result.



All the products like Converters, Controllers, and Human-Machine Interface brought you by Infosystem could easily be applied onto Factory Automation, Building Automation and the Security Market. These execellent advantages of the products could make you find out the truth of "industry cost down", "stability", and even the "robustness" and some other benefits. With no doubt, Infosystem products will be your best choice.